About Us

The Taste Of Hyderabad

In The Beginning

Biryani Darbar or just you can say BD for short was envisioned by a group of friends while having lunch at a similar restaurant. The guys somehow did not like the quality of food at the said restaurant and hence one of them Ajinkya Mhatre, founder Partner of Nav Sharda Hospitality with the help of Nishant Mhatre, and we both decided to setup BD in Dombivli to offer cuisine that would tickle the taste buds.

Journey Towards Growth

We are surprised by the growth opportunities that are available in the region for us. Hence we are concentrating on the places like Dombivli, Thane, Koparkhariane, Vashi etc. our next project its coming by next quarter and will offer the same standards and quality that we are known for...

Future Prospects

Right now we are taking it very slow, maybe one restaurant in a year. But in the next 10 years we are planning to open 50 restaurants all over india. We can see good growth opportunities in various states of our country. Our Targets are Goa, Karnataka, Punjab, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and several other states.


We started as a very small enterprise and with time we have grown to our present status. Our dream is to spread our branches all over as a popular brand the people will identify with quality and service. The name itself should be a brand symbol. We will soon spread our branches in the country and also internationally an we are determined to do so.

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